About me

I'm an Illustrator from Italy.

I've worked as freelance illustrator with several clients as Lady Gaga, La Vespa Piaggio and M2O. I've worked as illustrator and graphic designer, in the marketing range, for a luxury bag brand in Florence. I've Created official illustration and graphic for Brandon Maxwell debut collection event on the last New York Fashion Week in 2015 and 2016.

Now I'm a Freelance illustrator of Cancer World Magazine and I've several clients for Graphic Design, Pattern design, Illustrations, emojis and infographics.

My style is fresh, strong and feminine, with soft shapes and strong colors. My work spreads from fashion illustration and children's books to editorial and commercial illustration.

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My Clients

Lady Gaga

Brandon Maxwell

Cancer World Magazine


Qvin Florence



Vespa Piaggio

Vogue Talents

M2O Radio

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